Grand Cayman Island

Located in the Caribbean the beautiful island of Cayman exists. I have actually visited a portion of the island called Grand Cayman. Although I was only there for one day it was such a fun experience. We went on a bus tour around the island and found out that there are only 5 stop lights in the entire island! We took a stop in Hell (the city) and sent postcards out to our family that said we have been to hell and back. After this stop we went to a turtle farm where we got to see and hold baby sea turtles. After the tour through the farm, we got to snorkel in a lagoon with turtles and we tried to catch them (we got in trouble though…). There was also a part in the lagoon where we could swim up to sharks behind glass.

This experience was phenomenal and I would definitively go back for a longer stay if I ever have the chance. I didn’t have a chance to visit the beaches on Grand Cayman Island, but I have seen pictures of them and they are beautiful. I would definitely recommend this vacation spot for anyone who loves the beach and island life like me!




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