My Vacation to Alaska

Photo blmiers2 2011 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Two years ago my family and I went on an Alaskan cruise, on Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas. There was a total of 15 people from my family that attended this cruise and we had a blast. We all flew into Vancouver, which is where the ship boarded, and stayed there for 2 days to adventure. In Vancouver we rode bikes around the city to Granville Island and Stanley Park. Our vacation lasted from July 25- August 1.

The first day of our cruise was spent on sea the whole time because it takes a little while to get to the first destination. Luckily there is so much to do on board so we won’t get bored. My cousins and I played mini golf, although it was quite dsc04935windy outside. We also spent a lot of time playing card games because that is a tradition every time we get together. After playing enough card games we either played pool, ping pong or just explored the ship to find other fun things to do or free food to eat.

Our first stop on our trip was to Icy Strait Point, Alaska. It is a very small town and it was raining all day that day. Even with the rain we still went whale watchaimg_2742ing. This was probably the most exciting whale watching trip I’ve been on because we actually saw whales! At the beginning we saw the tail of a humpback whale and then we spotted two killer whales and followed them around for awhile. At the end of our trip we saw a little sea otter and her pup, but they were scared of the boat and swam away.

Another stop we made and my favorite stop was to Juneau, Alaska. The first thing we did here was visit a fish hatchery and watch the fish trying to jump up a ladder to get in. After this we ate lunch at the Red Dog Saloon, which had great food. After this we visited a dog sled camp and got to ride on a cart pulled by the dogs. When our trip with the dogs ended we got to meet the dogs and play with them along with the puppies in training. My favorite part of this excursion was getting to hold to baby puppies at the end. They were so cute!

Overall this trip was amazing and we got some beautiful views of nature. One of the coolest things we saw was Hubbard’s Glacier. We got up really early to see it, but it was extremely worth it. Another pretty view was Emerald Lake, which we saw on our hike one day. This lake had a cool teal ring around the outside, as you can see in the picture below. The weather in Alaska is cold and rainy most of the time, so I was not a fan of the weather on this vacation. Also, since there is a lot of fishing in Alaska, most of the meals were seafood and I don’t like seafood, so I didn’t really like the food there either. Those two factors didn’t affect my overall experience, I still loved the trip.




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