My Weekend Trip to Phoenix

This past weekend I went to Phoenix, Arizona with my volleyball team. We went to play in a competitive tournament and had high expectations to win the whole tournament. We rented a house to stay in and that helped us bond a lot as a team. Although we didn’t get much sleep.

The first day of the tournament we didn’t play too well, but we won all three of our games because the teams we played against weren’t that good. After the first day of play, the owner of the house made us a fancy steak and potato dinner and it was delicious. Later that night we watched a scary movie and did a lot of dancing.

The next day, which was the second day of play we played really well and also won all of our games. Everyone was connecting on the court and everything was working really well and it was really fun playing that day. After the tournament that day we went to an Italian restaurant to eat, but we were all so tired and the restaurant had a long wait. When we finally left the restaurant we tried going to an ice cream place, but when we got there they were closed, so we had to turn around and come home. We watched another scary movie that night, but we had to turn it off half way through because our coach made us go to bed.

The last day of the tournament we didn’t have to play until 9, so we got to sleep in a little, but didn’t get to warm up like we usually do. This really hurt us because we weren’t ready to play and it really showed in the first game, which was the semifinals. Since we weren’t warmed up and the other team already played a game earlier that morning, we lost and it was really bad. We were all really disappointed because we totally could’ve beaten that team, but we weren’t prepared. We also learned a very important lesson to always get there early to warm up even if we don’t play until later. We finished in third, but we could’ve easily gotten first if we had been prepared.IMG_5543.JPG


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