1st in Southern California!

The past weekend my volleyball team and I played in a tournament in San Diego. We went into the tournament ranked 2nd in SoCal because at the last tournament we lost in finals. Each tournament you play in a pool with three other teams and then depending on how you finish in your pool you go into playoffs and play until you lose. We were all very tired going into this tournament because we had to wake up really early to get there by 7 a.m.

We were seeded first in our pool with the 5th team in the nation ranked second and two other teams ranked third and fourth, so we had a tough pool. The first two games were pretty easy and we beat the opposing teams under 15, and so did Wave, the second seed in our pool. Then the time came when we had to play Wave and we were all a bit nervous but up for the challenge. The game started and we were on fire with a lot of energy. We ended up winning the first game, losing the second game, and pulling through to win the third game. Because we beat them and the others in our pool, we finished first in our pool and moved on to playoffs.

Our first game of playoffs was probably the worst game we have played all season because we were all very tired and the competition wasn’t the best either. Thankfully, we ended up winning that game in three, and advanced to the next round. The next team we played was also a big rival of ours and it was a very close game. We had a lead on them 18-11 at one point, but they came back to tie it at 22-22. When we had game point against them, it was a super long rally and I was playing back row and digging everything up. Unfortunately one of my teammates hit the ball out to end the rally, but we ended up getting the point back and winning the game. After that big win, we moved on to the finals to play another rival of ours. Luckily for us they were really tired and didn’t play well at all, so we beat them pretty easily and finished first in SoCal!

This tournament was probably one of my best ones along with my teams. Since we beat Wave we moved up in our national rank to fifth place as well as our local ranking of first. Our season is going very well so far, so hopefully we can keep it up!IMG_4398 (2)


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