Back to Back to Back wins!

The months of March and April have been big months for my volleyball team and I. We have traveled to San Diego, Atlanta, and Las Vegas for three weekends in a row. My previous blog post was about the San Diego tournament, which ended very well, but that’s not the only tournament that ended well. All three have been exciting, we got 3rd in Atlanta, got a bid to nationals in the summer, and got 3rd in Las Vegas as well. As you can imagine winning doesn’t come easy, especially when you are competing nationally at the highest division in your age group.


The tournament in Atlanta was probably the best out of the three because I personally played very well and we accomplished some exciting things. We barely made it to the third place match to get a bid because we won a very close three way tie the previous day. That match was probably the most stressful match I have played so far because it went to three games and the score was 8-4 them when we switched. I’m sure everyone was very nervous and doubtful that we could pull this off, but we did! It was very exciting and we ended up winning 15-13. We got our medals and a bid and a little bit of press on

This past weekend my volleyball team and I traveled to Vegas for another qualifier and ended up placing third in that one too although we were seeded first in the tournament. We played very well in this tournament as well, but towards the end we started to fall apart and lost an important match on the third day. I got nailed in the face by a ball and got taken out of the game to be tested for a concussion, but luckily I didn’t have one. My nose still hurts though!


Overall these tournaments have been a great experience, but I am so glad its over because I am exhausted. Not only have I been playing volleyball for at least 6 hours a day, I have also been getting minimal sleep because of the early times we play.


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