Spring Break College Road Trip

Over spring break me and my family took a road trip up the coast of California and visited three colleges and stopped in San Francisco. The colleges we visited were chosen by my brother because he is a junior and has to start thinking about where he wants to go, but this was also a chance for me to see them. We toured UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, and Stanford.IMG_4635

The first day we stopped at UCSB and I almost immediately fell in love with the location. It is located literally right on the beach and the tour guide mentioned that from one of the dorm buildings it takes 45 seconds to get to the beach! This sounded like a dream to me. Other than the beautiful location, the community there seemed so friendly and close. Because it wasn’t a very competitive school, everyone wanted to see others succeed and were very helpful. Based on the location and community at UCSB this was my favorite college we visited and now my dream college!

TIMG_6142he next day we visited UC Davis and this campus was very nice and pretty. It was very spread out and it seemed like the buildings were pretty new. The dorm buildings were probably the nicest thing about the school. They were recently built and were very nice and seemed to be more spacious than I thought dorm rooms would be. I also got a tour of the gym and volleyball practice areas by the head coach. We talked for awhile and I got to ask a lot of questions. Although the community was just as nice a UCSB, the location was in the middle of nowhere and not appealing to me.IMG_4679

That night we drove to San Francisco and spent the night there. We walked to the Ghirardelli Factory and had ice cream after our nice dinner at an Italian restaurant in Little Italy. We walked through China town on the way to dinner and stopped to buy some souvenirs. The next day we walked through China town again to Fisherman’s Wharf. We walked around the pier and the wharf and ate at Boudin. When we got back to the hotel the power was out and so was the elevator, so we had to climb 8 flights of stairs to get to our room just to walk back down them with all of our luggage. We got in out car and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge twice and took wonderful pictures of the view.


When we left San Francisco we headed to Stanford for a tour of their beautiful campus. On the tour the guide was basically just telling us a bunch of facts about the school and who graduated and their accomplishments. We didn’t get to see a lot of the campus, but the parts we saw were absolutely amazing and beautiful. It was interesting to hear all the facts about the history, alumni, and the founders. Although the school was beautiful and I liked it a lot, I would probably not want to go there because it is so academically competitive and too hard to get in.

The trip was very great because I got to experience what colleges are like and got some insight into what I’m looking for in a college. It was also a lot of walking though, which was very tiring. The tours that we went on were all walking for an hour to an hour and a half and also in San Francisco we had to walk about 2 miles up and down hills to get anywhere. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to go on this trip at a young age, so when it comes time for me to make my decision I will have looked at more schools.


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