A Santa Barbara Dream

I used to believe that I wanted to go to college at Pepperdine University. I wanted to go there because my mom went there and I always heard of how nice it is. I visited there for a concert and saw that the location was right next to the beach and that made me wantpepperdine to go there even more. I didn’t get a chance to see around the school at all but at a young age I didn’t really think about all the details of college, just the location.

Then real life hit me when I realized how expensive it was to go there. I also have a dream of playing volleyball in college and their volleyball team is really good. The reason I didn’t dream of going there anymore wasn’t because of the fact that it would hard to get there on a volleyball scholarship, it was more because of the culture of people there. My mom told me a lot about the student culture and that although it is a private school the students aren’t the best examples of a private school community.


Now I believed UCLAthat I needed to actually start looking into schools and contacting them, but I had no idea what to look for, so I just contacted the coaches. At this point in my volleyball career I was just hoping for any scholarship I could get to play volleyball in college, but I obviously still had my dream schools.
I moved on from Pepperdine to UCLA or Hawaii, which are even better schools at volleyball. I kept these dreams and goals even though I knew that I wasn’t that good to make them a reality.

Then I took a vacation over spring break this year to visit colleges that my brother was interested. Our first stop was UCSB and I almost immediately fell in love when the presentation started. This school sounded like a dream to me. First of all it was right next to the beach and I mean like 45 seconds away! Also theirUCSB sports teams aren’t that good so I would have a better chance at getting a scholarship to go there. Everything about UCSB appealed to me and I knew that it was the school for me.

Now I think that I want to go to UCSB for college. My mom and I have contacted the volleyball coach and the recruiting manager. In fact the recruiter was actually at my last tournament watching my court! Also yesterday my mom got an email from the recruiter with information about their summer camp, which I was already planning on going to. As of now I think this dream has a good chance of becoming a reality.


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